NRail GmbH develops web-based products to advance the digitalisation and technology of the railway industry.
Paula is a smart data box to support you in your operations. Paula transmits data that tells you the where- and whatabouts of your locomotives.
MyNRail is not just any telematics system. It is a controlling and analysis tool for your locomotives.
Telematics combines two concepts: telecommunications and informatics. It describes the means of information processing and data transmission. The GPS positioning feature alone can already help you to increase the efficiency of your fleet.
Just like for any vehicle fleet, it is essential to keep informed about your locomotives. However, NRail enables you to do much more than that. The transmission and processing of data helps you to increase the efficiency of your business operations.
Paula and MyNRail transmit information about the position, speed, mileage, hours of operation, standing/idle times, driving behaviour, geofencing, ambient temperatures and voltage of your locomotive.
Paula and the whole of MyNRail works on any diesel and electric locomotive.
Paula costs only 99€/month – less than one hour’s worth of operating cost.
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