Artificial Intelligence - smart & fast

Operating manuals and spare parts catalogs for locomotives are very extensive and rarely digitized. Searching via keywords and directories is usually very time-consuming and laborious.

NRail AI searches through thousands of pages in just a few seconds in search of suitable answers and creates an overview with suggested solutions for the user, stating the sources.


You can ‘write’ with NRail AI as you would with a human being:


How much can the two screws for adjusting the oil and fuel quantity protrude from the regulator housing on the G1206, or which screw is for fuel and which for oil?

When the Sifa stopcock is closed, the driver’s brake valves do not work – what could be the reason for this?

How large is the fuel supply in a G1206?

NRail does not transmit any data to third-party providers such as ChatGPT and guarantees users secure and confidential storage of all search queries (prompts) and results.

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