PAULA - for efficient fleet management

Location of the vehicle?

Are there any error messages?

Does the locomotive need maintenance?

Every locomotive at a glance via a system

With MyNRail, the intuitive fleet portal, rail transport companies have access to up-to-date data on their vehicles. PAULA was developed specifically for rail transport.

The data box draws its power from the locomotive and therefore has a clear advantage over conventional railroad telematics systems.

Equipping the vehicles with the system components is simple and takes very little time. The sensors installed in PAULA generate data independently, reliably and without feedback.

PAULA can be used immediately on all rail vehicles without the need for approval. In addition, the modular design offers the option of integrating further sensors, which can be used to transmit tank levels or cooling water temperatures, for example.

Over 350 vehicles are already equipped with the PAULA Box (as of February 2024).

The modular industrial design enables the additional connection of analog and digital inputs, such as

– Fuel level

– Transmission oil temperature

– Mains and operating voltage

– Driving history analysis

– Crash analysis

– Fuel consumption

– Towing journeys

– Standstill and travel times

– Speed

Digital handover book

Delayed operating hours or damage reports are a thing of the past. With the digital handover book, all vehicle data is directly available. In the event of damage, a selected distribution group is automatically informed with relevant details. The full potential unfolds in conjunction with PAULA. Test it for yourself!