NRail WhatsApp

NRail is expanding its service with a WhatsApp channel. We link our network anonymously and discreetly via our company account. There will be no public groups and no numbers or contact details will be passed on. Participants in the channel will not be able to see or contact each other.

Spare parts, rail vehicles, services and urgent requests

Important products and offers will be announced and shared with you via WhatsApp channel in the future:

  • Receipt of new & interesting spare parts
  • New additions to the locomotive exchange
  • Extremely urgently needed spare parts
  • New services and services

Questions & Support

NRail also answers questions and offers prompt support via WhatsApp (from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. within a few minutes). Our experts try to answer every query in a qualified manner and as quickly as possible and solve it for you. Send us

a text message
a voice message
a photo or video


Requests and specific questions can also be shared by NRail within the network on request. This allows the community to help find the required part and solve the problem.

Surveys & polls

NRail organizes surveys on controversial topics. The results are shared with the network. Participants can also suggest topics and use NRail for the survey.

Jos Ritter / Associate

To register, simply save our NRail number 0162 367 2840 in the address book of your cell phone and send us a message with your full name and the name of your company.

Or scan the QR code and create a new contact in your address book and send us a message with your full name and the name of your company.

To unsubscribe, you can delete the number from your address book.

The NRail team is looking forward to seeing you and your active participation!