Digital handover book

NRail’s digital handover book replaces traditional pen and paper documentation and offers various advantages to RUs and railcar drivers. At a glance:

  • Time savings throughout the entire documentation process
  • Real-time transmission of data to the control center, scheduling and workshop
  • Direct support in troubleshooting and spare parts procurement
  • less error-prone, neater and safer than paper
  • Fast and direct support from the control center in resolving malfunctions

Use of the handover book is free for the first three months (thereafter 25 euros/month/locomotive). The most important functions and advantages here at a glance:

Convenient input

Entering data is much more comfortable, faster and safer than using pen and paper. The railcar driver can make entries in the specified form fields via smartphone or tablet and save the report online and offline. This means no entries/data are lost.

Preparation & time saving

Before the journey begins on the way to the locomotive, the railcar driver can find out about the condition of the vehicle. This saves time and the railcar driver can complete the preparatory work on the locomotive more quickly.

Preparation services & exams & resources

The preparation services and exams can be quickly recorded and checked off with the date and time.

The status of the operating resources, such as added fuel and fill level, can also be recorded quickly and conveniently using the form and documented with the date and time.

Conditions and added quantities of hydraulics, engine oil and sand are clearly documented with just a few clicks.

Order and readability

The railcar driver and his colleagues in the control center, dispatching and workshop are happy about the good readability of the digital texts and no longer have to decipher the handwriting or be annoyed by dirty paper. This in turn saves time and avoids errors in the transmission of data.

Data transmission & processing

The recorded data is transmitted in real time from the locomotive to the control center, dispatch and the workshop. This means that everyone involved is always up to date and the data does not have to be touched or transferred again by the control center.


Defects can be recorded before, during and after operation and shared with the control center, scheduling and the workshop. In the form, the railcar driver describes the defect and any successful measures taken to rectify it.

Support in the procurement of spare parts and consumables

Defects and disruptions are also reported to NRail. NRail’s support team offers timely support in the procurement of spare parts and consumables. This means repair and maintenance times can be shortened.


All operational disruptions are recorded with the start time, location, train number and train weight. It is also asked whether the fault could be remedied and whether emergency vehicles were used. The mode of operation (radio remote control, manual) is also queried and applicable error codes are recorded using the form.

Furthermore, the affected assemblies can be recorded and all measures taken can be described.

Using the digital protocol, the control center, dispatching and workshop receive a comprehensive picture of the operational disruption in real time and can react to the situation more quickly and provide assistance

Automatic email notification

Whenever a defect or an unscheduled operational disruption is documented, an email is automatically sent to the control center, dispatch, the workshop and optionally also to NRail. This means everyone involved is quickly and comprehensively informed and can help repair the damage.