Next level business with NRail

Are you a supplier, producer or dealer of spare parts, workshop equipment or consumables for the rail industry or do you offer a comparable range?

Contact us and open up new sales channels for your products and services. NRail offers you a wide range of direct contacts to workshops and railway transport companies.

Arguments for your offer on NRail

Expand your customer base

NRail’s B2B marketplace opens up the possibility for you as a provider to make products and services available to a broader customer base. Take advantage of NRail’s reach for more business.

Make your offer visible

NRail helps to make you better known as a provider and its products and services, and to increase visibility in the industry. Use our platform for an attractive presentation of your product range and show what you have to offer in comparison to other suppliers.

Inventory management

With NRail, you can digitally record and manage your inventory. Get an overview at any time and efficiently manage your warehouse and procurement process.

Fast onbordung & Time To Market

Quick and easy presentation of your products via our API. The plattform synchronises your stocks. We will support you on your journey at every stage of the process.


Cleverly reduce costs and sell online: 

The online marketplace helps your company to reduce costs. You do not need any IT knowledge to sell your products via NRail. The entire online sales process is fully automated (digital inventory management, accounting, logistics, returns, etc.).

Data & Analysis

isticAnalyse your data to gain valuable insights into the market neets and preferences of your customers. Optimise your product catalogue in a target manner and respond to trends in good time.

Efficient sales enables your customers to find and compare needed products and services more easily, which in turn speeds up the sales process for you. Become more efficient and save time and resources for your core business.

Faster time to market can help your company bring new products to market faster and make them known to a wider range of customers. The NRail team is happy to advise and support you with sales and marketing. creates trust

Marketplaces convey a higher level of trustworthiness to buyers, as they offer a secure framework for transactions and the exchange of information. Your customers can rely on our long-standing reputation and trust the quality of the products and services you offer.

Increase your competitiveness

By distributing your products and services via the NRail platform, you become more competitive as a company, increase your reach and optimise your processes.

Additional income streams

By selling your products via, you as a provider can diversify your income streams and generate additional revenue outside your sales channels. In this way, you make yourself more independent as a provider and, in addition, can present your offers directly next to your competitors.